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Dodge thousands of bullets and blast hundreds of foes, in this exciting bullet hell adventure! Link to this post!
Description grasp a shotgun and try to shoot down the entire clay pigeons flung into the air from totally different angles…

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For the Gamers (Parents, please scroll down)

What is your worst nightmare? Zombies? Bugs? What about ninjas, mummies, or space invaders?  No matter what your worst fear is, we have a shooter game where you can defeat it.Shooting Games

Our shooter games are designed to be easy to play while still providing an exciting fast-paced experience.

Don’t like zombies? We’ve got 7 unique zombie shooter games where you can put the undead to rest. One of these games even lets you pop zombie balloons to knock them right out of the sky!

Are aliens more to your liking? Play a variety of games where you can hunt down alien ships, or defend your base from incoming alien attackers. You can even defend your ship from incoming planets!

Slay mummies to find ancient Egyptian treasure, defend princesses from ninjas or just practice some archery.  The choice is yours and as always, all of our games are 100% free!

For the Parents

Welcome to the Shooting Games page of Little Monsters Games, the perfect site to keep your little monster entertained.

We know that shooting games like these, and some of the more well known titles like Call of Duty, tend to have a bad reputation. We’d like to help dispel some of that negativity by offering a variety of fun and entertaining shooting games in a safe and educational way.

Studies have shown that shooter games are actually beneficial to young gamers, as it helps to improve hand-eye coordination.  Many also require the player to employ strategy and tactics.  What better way to learn these skills than in a safe, structured, and easily monitored environment.

Games like these, which use aliens, zombies, or other monsters as the primary enemy, can also be used as a way to help children combat their fears.  It gives them a way to eliminate the things that frighten them, which in the case of horror movie monsters and the like, is not something that they would have otherwise.

Our goal is to provide the best flash-based games on the web for children of all ages. There is never any software for you to download, and all of the games are always 100% free.

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